Why is Learning Mandarin beneficial for a Cantonese speaker?
Written by Sheldon Ho on Nov. 28th 2022
1.31 billion people speak the Chinese Mandarin language globally, while 84 million people only speak Cantonese. Therefore, the likelihood is that you can locate a Chinese Mandarin speaker not too far from wherever you live. 

Think about the potential number of new friends you can make. Think about the endless job opportunities waiting for you on the other side of the globe. Being able to speak fluent Mandarin is the door to endless opportunities. 

Having said that, learning Mandarin from scratch is no walk in the park. However, if you have any previous experience with learning and speaking Cantonese, why not give the Canto to Mando Blueprint's Copy and Paste Method™ a shot? 

 You will find that learning Mandarin is not as tedious and challenging as you think and you will be amazed by how much your Mandarin has improved as well as your Cantonese!

Let's look at some benefits!

Job opportunities in China

Over the past few years, the number of foreign expatriates residing in China has skyrocketed resulting in an economic boom in China. Becoming fluent in Mandarin can give you a competitive edge in China’s work environment. 

For instance, numerous tech companies in China are hiring foreign talents who are capable of speaking fluent Mandarin. Having acquired the knowledge and skills of learning Cantonese, using this course on how to converse in fluent Mandarin should only take about six weeks while people who have zero background in learning Mandarin will take several months to barely construct a simple sentence in Mandarin. 

Improves communication skills

Communication is Key. Being equipped with proper communication skills before entering the workforce is salient. Learning Mandarin or any new language can strengthen communication abilities as it allows you to convey your ideas and perspectives to native speakers clearly and fluidly. It breaks down the language barrier and allows you to express yourself more freely to other Mandarin speakers. 

Being able to speak fluent Mandarin makes you more approachable as knowing someone’s language translates into an understanding of their culture.

Make Your College and Job Applications Standout 

It is not easy to be proficient in two languages. Being able to read, write and speak Mandarin is not an easy feat. It requires years of dedication and practice. Many colleges and universities encourage knowledge of a foreign language.

Therefore, being able to communicate in both English and Mandarin can help make your college and job application stand out and you might even get accepted to your college or job of choice.

Being able to make new friends around the globe

Some might think that only people living in China speak Mandarin. However, that’s not the case. Many people who live in Southeast Asia can speak fluent Mandarin.

Many schools in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore often offer Mandarin lessons to students so that they can speak their mother tongue fluently. 

Having the ability to break the language barrier allows you to get closer to them and create new bonds and connections. 

Learning Mandarin opens up a plethora of opportunities for deeper connections and communication, not just in Asia. Therefore, if you have experience in speaking or understanding Cantonese, why not give learning Mandarin a try? Perhaps, you might make a new friend or two one day.

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Hey Sheldon here! I’ve helped a lot of Cantonese Diaspora learn Mandarin, and the funny thing is I was once in your shoes. That's why I've designed the Canto to Mando Blueprint with help from Chinese language specialists to make something catered to people like us. 
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