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Unlock The Secret To Mandarin Fluency In 6 Weeks Without Endless Hours of Memorization

This is For You If...

  • you're tired of feeling like the ONLY chinese person who can't speak Mandarin

  • you're tired of feeling like there's a language barrier with your own people

  • you're tired of feeling like you're missing out on opportunities

  • you're tired of using the basic apps and classes made for English Speakers

  • you want to Learn Mandarin AND Improve your Cantonese




Stop Feeling Like the Only One Who Can't Speak Mandarin

What are Fellow Cantonese Speakers Saying?

Ready to Stop Freezing Up Around Mandarin Speakers?

Only for Cantonese Speakers Who Are Hungry for Results

How Can We Help?

Meet Sheldon Ho

and his incredible team - Their mission? To help Cantonese speakers, just like you, master Mandarin effortlessly by tapping into your Cantonese roots.

It all started in college when Sheldon was personally shamed by his partner's family for being unable to speak Mandarin. He struggled with Mandarin, trying everything from tutors to college courses and language apps, but nothing worked. In the end, his lack of Chinese skills costed him his relationship, as her parents would not approve of him.

But after years of hard work and plenty of trial and error, he cracked the code to learn Mandarin quickly and efficiently as a Cantonese speaker.

Sheldon and his over 500 students include all sorts of high achievers, from accountants and doctors to engineers, actors, real estate investors, and business owners.

Today, Sheldon wants to share his wisdom with you, minus all the mistakes, so you can learn quickly and easily with his Copy and Paste Method to learn Mandarin.

Don't Get Left Behind

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not comfortable on a call... do we have to hop on one for me to join?

Completely understand where you're coming from and I hear you.. I know I can look intimidating...(I hope not)

To be real with you though, we can't really see how we can help you without hearing you speak Cantonese.

Cause it wouldn't make much sense for us to take you on without even seeing your existing level right?

If we did that, it'd be 100% against what we stand for (which is to not another generic, basic, one-size fits all program).

That's why it's important for us to have a call. We don't want to bring in people unless we're sure we can help them.

We promise to maintain 100% confidentiality and also to ensure that you are in a judgement-free zone. We will not judge you based on your Chinese level. So please help us to help you by chatting with our team so we can make sure you get the right help you need.

Can I see how the Copy and Paste Method works before I book a call or get some more information?

Yea of course! We have a Free Guide you can check out here:

After checking out the guide, if it's helpful - feel free to book a call then and we can see if we can help

I don't speak Cantonese, but I want to learn... can I do this?

Currently we can only help you if you're able to speak at least a liiiitle bit of Cantonese. What that means is that you can communicate at AT LEAST a very basic level.

So unless you have that ability, we can't help you right now. But we do have some projects in the pipeline to help you if you're...

1) Someone with no Chinese background who wants to learn Mandarin or Cantonese

2) A Mandarin speaker who wants to learn Cantonese

Those are both in the works right now! Stay in touch and we'll keep you posted :) For now, just follow our instagram and we'll announce there when we have an update!

Why Are You Doing This?

Mandarin changed my life (dramatic, I know... but I mean it).

See, growing up, I couldn't speak Mandarin, and my Cantonese was pretty bad too.

As a Canadian, it didn’t really bother me until I was 19 and dating a girl whose family spoke Mandarin. I wanted to impress them (because who doesn’t want to impress their partner’s parents?)

So I took some basic classes and used beginner apps like Duolingo.

But when I visited her family for Christmas, I found myself unable to say anything meaningful (talk about awkward).

My girlfriend had to translate the entire dinner (bless her), and her family shamed me for not speaking "Chinese."

They secretly told her I wasn’t good enough for her—not because I was a bad boyfriend or dumb (I was in Canada’s top engineering school, for crying out loud), but because I couldn’t speak Mandarin. And my Cantonese was bad too (double ouch).

Her parents played a big part in us breaking up (think the plot of crazy rich asians), and I couldn’t even fight for our relationship because I couldn’t communicate with them.

I remember feeling powerless... At that moment, I decided I needed to do something about it. I never wanted to feel that powerless again, and I never wanted this to be a problem again.

Learning Mandarin transformed my life (seriously, it did).

It took me from feeling ashamed and disconnected to becoming someone deeply connected with my culture, family, and relationships.

It opened up so many opportunities for me (both personally and professionally).

This experience inspired me to create a program to help Cantonese speakers who are in the same position I once was.

I want to help you discover the same happiness and connection I found through learning Mandarin.

That’s why we do this— it might not be as deep for you, but it's so you can overcome the language barrier, the disconnection from your own people, and build a richer, more connected life (trust me, it’s worth it).

I Don't Have Any Experience. Is This Program For Me?

No experience needed (seriously) - the Canto to Mando Blueprint is designed for Cantonese Diaspora meaning Cantonese Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc. You do not need to already be fluent in reading and writing Chinese. If you speak even a little bit of Cantonese, and you want to improve your Cantonese and learn Mandarin at the same time, this program may be able to help.

This is like the middle ground if you've found things for english people to easy, and things for native cantonese speakers inaccessible. This is not designed for native Cantonese speakers who grew up in Guangzhou, Macau, or Hong Kong who already speak perfect Cantonese, can read and write at 100% fluency, and who already speak Mandarin and just want to improve their Mandarin.

I Am Too Old/Too Young, Will This Work For Me?

No it won't (just kidding lol). But honestly, age is a relative number. Our students range from college students to seniors in their 70s. As long as you have access to a phone, a computer and the internet, you will be able to learn.

How Is This Program Different From Other Chinese Learning Programs?

This program is built by Cantonese speakers FOR Cantonese speakers. It is different from the basic one-size-fits-all apps and classes that are made exclusively for English speakers. If you speak even a hint of Cantonese, you should not be learning at the same pace or in the same way as someone with no Cantonese background. You DO NOT need to be able to read and write Chinese.

I've Tried Other Courses And Didn't Get Results, How Do I Know This Will Work?

As the founder, I actually took many Chinese courses in schools and online. NONE of them worked for me. So I truly understand why people feel “STUCK” even after taking multiple courses.

This learning style is exactly what I wish I had as a Cantonese speaker growing up. It would've saved me years of wasted money at tutors, and time playing around on basic apps and classes. As long as you speak even a little bit of Cantonese, we can see if we can help.

The whole theory behind our approach is that it's not a cookie-cutter one-size fits all solution. We tailor things to your Cantonese level and to your specific needs so that you're not doing things that are way too easy for you or irrelevant.

That's why we don't work with everyone, and that's why it's important for us to have a quick call to actually determine what those are.

Most Of Your Students Are In The USA, Will This Work For Someone Living Outside The USA?

Don't worry too much about that - our group is growing fast globally, and we have students in Canda, UK, Paris, Australia, Hong Kong, UAE, and more. Everything will be hosted online and we can make things work around your timezone.

It's only not going to work for you if...

1) You barely or cannot speak English (if you can read all this your English level is fine)

2) You "barely" speak Cantonese (this one is important)

The "barely" speak Cantonese thing is hard to gauge. We have students who say they barely speak, but end up being able to speak a lot. We also have students who come on saying they can speak it, but end up only able to say a couple words they learned from a TV Show. Everyone has a different idea of what level their Cantonese is.

That's why we've implemented calls into the process now because we don't want to waste your time or ours. We do a quick, free call In order to properly gauge where you're at with your Cantonese so we can see if we can help you. There's no strings attached or whatever.

How Much Does The Course Cost? What Does That Include?

Hard one for me to answer because there are multiple programs and so it really depends on your learning style and experience.

So if you're looking for a cookie cutter solution, this is not that. We cater things depending on where you're at with your existing Cantonese and where you're trying to get to with your mandarin. This is why without hopping on a quick call to gauge your existing Cantonese level and Mandarin level, it's impossible to give you an answer.

Can I Speak With You 1-1?

Yes, you can speak with me and my team on a free call, but the time slots are very limited. Just click the "Schedule" Button on the page, fill out the application form thoroughly, and schedule the call with the team. Note that the strategy call does not guarantee a spot in the program, and it is really to see where you're at with your Cantonese and where you're trying to get to with your Mandarin. Just to see if what we're doing here would be able to help you.

I want to focus on improving my Cantonese and not so much Mandarin right now... will this help me with that?

First off, love the focus on improving your Cantonese. Great question.

So we do tailor our approach, so if you tell us that's something you want to accomplish we can definitely help you with that. With that being said, Mandarin learning is still going to be a part of that process. The reason why is because one thing we see consistently in our students is that as their Mandarin improves, their Cantonese improves as well. The reason why this is the case as you might see from the training is because Cantonese and Mandarin have almost identical grammar patterns.

Frequently, everyday Cantonese is spoken quite informally though. This is not a problem, but for a lot of Cantonese Diaspora, this makes them not used to formal Cantonese and it makes understanding things like the news, or more complex topics quite difficult.

Luckily, formal Cantonese is actually structurally the same as everyday Mandarin - and so as you learn everyday Mandarin, you naturally increase your Cantonese skills as well. This is why we say one of the best ways to improve your Cantonese is to learn Mandarin. You can read more about that here:

How long does a call take?

Our day is quite busy, so we don't have the whole day to speak. Calls typically range from 20-30 minutes, and it's really just a quick chat to see where your level is at, where you're trying to get to and then see if or how we can help with that.

DISCLAIMER: Results cannot be guaranteed due to them being dependent on each and every student. Any results stated above are those of certain students who used the program as intended combined with their own dedication and/or work ethic. In using the program and webinar, you may achieve results better, equal or worse than other students depending on various factors such as: study pattern, motivation, work ethic, past experiences, dedication and etc.... We cannot guarantee results

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