The Copy and Paste Method™ to Speak Conversationally Fluent Mandarin in 6 Weeks for Cantonese Speakers

- Designed Specifically for Cantonese Speakers of all levels-

In this free lesson,
you will learn:

  • How to use basic Cantonese grammar to recreate Mandarin sentences and conversations
  • How to identify sounds in Cantonese and correctly predict the Mandarin equivalent for accurate pronunciation
  • ​The 3 Key Components to using Cantonese to speak full conversations in Mandarin

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DISCLAIMER: Results cannot be guaranteed due to them being dependent on each and every student. Any results stated above are those of certain students who used the program as intended combined with their own dedication and/or work ethic. In using the program and webinar, you may achieve results better, equal or worse than other students depending on various factors such as: study pattern, motivation, work ethic, past experiences, dedication and etc.... We cannot guarantee results.
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